Tunnelling Technology

Safely and precisely from start to finish

Pilot pipe jacking

The tunnelling of all types of pipe by way of micro tunnelling with screw feed is an economical solution for all diameters up to DN 600, insofar as attitude lengths and soil conditions permit application of this technology.

E.P.B. tunnelling

Full section tunnelling with EPB is an alternative to liquid support under cohesive ground conditions. The main advantage is that the soil must not be extensively prepared. (DN 1400 to DN 3000)

Slurry tunnelling

Pipe jacking with liquid-supported working face and slurry conveyance are a universal solution just about all soil conditions and diameters, and particularly economic for high groundwater levels. (DN 250 to DN 3000)

Open shields

For pipe jacking with open hood shield with or without compressed air support, obstacles of any kind can be eliminated without excavation.
(DN 1200 – DN 3000)

Direct-Pipe ®

A combination from the HDD- and microtunnelling technique for safe and economic installation of pipelines in steps up to 1500 m. (OD 30”-60”)

VOD & VMD quality label

We were awarded the VOD and VMD group quality label Gütezeichen Kanalbau.
Download certificate Gütezeichen VOD/VMD.pdf